Born in Verona in Italy, I attempted my art studies in Emile Cohl School in France where I graduated in 2015. 

My formation has been focused on illustration for the edition industry and it allowed me to explore different traditional techniques, in particularly, colored pencil and acid etching on copper. I also learned to develop different graphic languages by working the line, the colors and the texture. 


Since 2015 I am working as freelance illustrator for children’s books, documentary comics and scholastics books. But in the same time I became more and more interested in the animation industry and I have been working hard to acquire the missing skills I needed to start as well a career as concept artist and backgroud artist.


Areas of interest: 

On the one hand, I’m interested in nature, and in observing and to reinterpreting it in my drawings in a decorative way. On the other hand, I’m interested in mythology and tales, in which I like to recognize timeless human aspects . This helps me to better understand myself and the others. 

The landscape of my native land, the mountains and the highlands of northern Italy, with its local mythology, is one of my main sources of inspiration.